Addiction is a high. High is an addiction. High is a given in any addiction. It’s a self- serving vicious cycle that satisfies ones’ insatiable hunger for more. It’s scientifically proven that addiction to substance, alcohol, smoking, food, caffeine; and the mental disorder of pleasure from self-subjugation; triggers the release of hormones like serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine. These hormones create a sense of euphoria and give you a feeling of well being. It’s a space of pleasure where one accepts oneself and is let loose from what is bogging him down.

But there is one high we miss to recognize. And rightly so, it is a great tool serving our egos. It’s so deeply ingrained in us that subconsciously we don’t realize that we pass it on as a teaching to our under born. Many a times masked as experience. The bug is “Judgment”. It’s a high for our ego and incapacitates our vision to reason with reality.   We believe what we want to and insanely create a parallel reality based on an unproven belief of someone, someplace or some situation. The underlying aim is one of self righteous and superiority over the person, place or situation. A pure high.

Judgment is the power of the Gods & the Law. But, what a high it would be if we had this power in our hands. Ones own laws, ones own argument, ones own defense and ones own sentencing. What more can one ask for! Judgment has become a powerful tool of the egos. Judging others choices, way of living, dressing, actions, reactions, food etc. in our own mirror is self-fulfilling & powerful. We are plagued with judgment by society, our family, peer pressure and religion. I can’t help but wonder how life would have been if we judged ourselves on a plain and simple grounds of human morality. Share, care, smile, help. How difficult is that? Why complicate?

But no. An association or group of people must spell out laws. After all we are animals. And animals are not concerned their own behavior. They are more concerned with guarding their own boundary and snapping up those who cross their lines. How easy it is to break people? And as if that’s wasn’t enough; we colour and share our views with those who missed out. A pat on the back for that! The pleasure has now doubled; some one is seconding & echoing our views. That’s how the cancer spreads. With 90% of the cancer within us we try and harm others. In the name of relationships, religion and fear of being left alone & ostracized, we twist people (well) knowingly and manipulate and cheat them.

I am sure there are many of you who are reading this and saying to themselves “I care two hoots for what they think about me”. I respect you and I hear you. But don’t think the other is weak because they fear judgment. Judging already? There are always two sides to a story. So don’t get ahead of yourself judge just yet. I personally feel that where a person is coming from matters on how he responds. So always put yourself in their place before judging.

Judgment is a very powerful weapon of manipulation used by people to enslave and control through the fear of acceptance. Love too is based on judgment. So it’s not only the taboos of the physical world like substance abuse that we should guard ourselves and our future generations from. It is the wrath of mortal judgment we should be wary off. An addiction. The new high. I hope the generations to come teach their new born the importance of self- governance and self- judgment so that this world corrects this imbalance of the wrath of mortal judgment.


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