The Challenge In Ordinary

Good – bad, greed – moderation, kind – selfish, love-hate, rich – poor.

So many that oscillate between extremes;

But a numbered few to describe the “Ordinary”.


Ordinary is the rain on the grass.

Ordinary is the sun, moon & stars.

Ordinary is the bird & the dog.

Ordinary is the fruit & the thorn.


Ordinary isn’t an experience.

Ordinary is difficult to benchmark;

Difficult to find a reason to attain the “ordinary” but a strong way to get clarity.

Its something never strived for.

Its monotony.

Its stagnation.

The ordinary is not attractive.

It’s not a way out.


Ordinary is a hidden charm in times of hardships and troubles.

Ordinary is developed.

It is pure.

It is non judgmental.

It trusts the future.

It believes in hard work.

It’s a way of life which is beyond meaning.

Its excellence in mediocrity.

A last resort for the weak;

And, a choice of life for the strong.

Ordinary is sustainable.

It’s permeable.

It’s a proud moment of achievement.


Ordinary is fertilizer to creativity

An answer to sustainability.

It’s a chance for living.

Ordinary is life, its’ meaning and its’ an end.

It is not a competition but foundation.

Its richness for the poor and humility for the rich.

Its prayer for the forgivers & redemption for the sinners.

Ordinary can be well ordinary can be cancer.

It’s an evil to illness and forgiveness to sins.

Ordinary is sad in pursuit for happiness.


A place that stands equal.

Ordinary is stronger than the seen.

Where reason fail to relationships.

It is road less travelled within.

A climb to the top with everyone.

It is a challenge we face in our race to fame.

It’s practical with cries and emotional with vice.

Ordinary is healthy, wealthy and wise.


But ordinary is pure.

It is stable and sustainable.

It is the acceptance of extremes but beyond.

It is patience sealed.

It’s the only answer to a civilized life where war is fought with love trolls.

The middle way to a fulfilled life.

Its freedom.

Its independence.

It’s a movement.

A revolution.

A oneness with purpose.

It’s the only way to live.

It’s the only way.


One never thinks of the ordinary as an achievement.

But it’s a medal.

A thieve to ego.

A flare to happiness.

Ordinary is a religion.

Ordinary is a prayer.


Ordinary was my name,

Ordinary was my game,

Ordinary was my shame,

And, ordinary was my fame,

Yet ordinary remains unclaimed.

The challenge in ordinary…is ordinary in you.


9 thoughts on “The Challenge In Ordinary

  1. Wish we could appreciate the beauty of the ordinary….and pass it on to our children. It takes great courage to remain soft, and empathetic in this world striving top be extra ordinary.

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  2. First of all, so extraordinarily framed 🙂 I guess the thought process with the current scenario of being ordinary is considered as being mediocre and ordinary actually also means simple or non materialistic. Also it is said “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple” it’s a challenge.


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